How to Play Cork and Towel

Materials Needed:

  • One bottle of wine*, must have cork
  • One roll of paper towels

*wine/alcohol is not required. Cork, however, is non-negotiable.


  1. Open bottle of wine, save cork
  2. Begin drinking wine
  3. Try not to spill (don't want to waste towels)
  4. Place paper towel roll upright on floor
  5. From a standing position try to drop cork into paper towel tube


If cork lands in paper towel tube, player scores a point. Winner is person with most points once all the wine is consumed.


  • Try dropping the cork from behind your back, or with your eyes closed, etc
  • Try holding the paper towel roll in different positions

Automatic Win Condition:

If a player can complete "The Bruce" they automatically win the game.

The Bruce = throwing the cork football style and having it pass through a horizontal paper towel roll.

Yes. It was absolutely epic.

What People are Saying About Cork and Towel

"Such a simple concept and everything can be purchased on the road."

"I get better the more wine I drink!"

"My new favorite travel game!"

"Best played with friends, but absolutely something that can be played know...when I'm all my night."

"Cork and Towel is almost as much fun as drinking the wine. Almost."

"Oh God. Just no."

"Whatevs...Codenames is still better."